Md Mahmudul Hasan

Advocate of Supreme Court of Bangladesh

Supreme Court Practices (High Court Division & Appellate Division):

  1. Civil, Criminal, Writ, Company Matters, Admiralty Cases in the High Court Division
  2. Appeal, Review, Revision, Miscellaneous Cases of High Court Division
  3. All types of Bail Matters
  4. Civil Leave To Appeal and all types of Cases in the Appellate Division


Judge Court Practices:

  1. Civil Suits, Criminal Cases at Judge Court
  2. Checque Dishonor (Cheque Bounce Cases)
  3. Bail Matters in Criminal Cases
  4. Anti-Trust Cases
  5. Legal Notices
  6. Legal Agreement, MOU, 
  7. Affidavit and Attestation Services.


Company Tax and Personal Tax Practices:

  1. TIN Registration
  2. Company Tax Return Submission
  3. Personal Tax Return Submission
  4. Tax Audit/Orthodox Reply
  5. Taxes Appeal in Taxes Appellate Tribunal


Immigration Law Practices:

  1. Immigrant, Non-Immigrant Visa Processig
  2. Visa Appeal agaisnt the Refusal of Visa Application
  3. Student Visa Processing
  4. Spouse Visa Processing
  5. Dual Citizenship
  6. Asylum Documents Legalization
  7. Affidavits and Ministry Attestation


Intellectual Property Law Practices

  1. Trademark Application
  2. Trademark Registration
  3. Trademark Prosecution               
  4. Trademark Renewal Services        
  5. Patent Registration
  6. Patent Renewals.
  7. Design Registration
  8. Design Renewals.